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Risk Disclosure Statement


All Lighting products on website are ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps, led bulbs. Most of materials for lights are iron, glass, bronze, and other metal materials, then a small part of customers will not fit for the lights as the sensitive skin and other health problems.

As time goes on, lighting fixtures would get old if you find some accessories broken or drop out, please replace and maintain them in time.

As few situations above, before you deal with an order please consult with your professional staffs to make sure the skin and health condition is fine for any lights you choose. After you receive the product, please care about the sharp part and also keep away from your children for fear of making harm to them.


Please read carefully about the product risks above. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. 
Email: service@inngree.com.cn

When the transaction is finished, we identified that you have already know clearly about the products risks. Different products involve different levels of exposure to risk, please think cautiously before you purchase.